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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we have a wide range of print products available which are highly innovative and can make your printing work hard for you to make an impression with your customers.

There are a great many printing services available through this website. Please search under Products and Prices to find the type of print that you would like to investigate.

The Products and Prices section allows you to look up a particular type of print and enter the quantity that you wish to order. The website is fully interactive, as you change the paper weights or quantities the prices will be recalculated and appear on the screen. The website allows you to seamlessly add the item to the basket, enter your delivery details, choose your preferred turnaround time and even upload your artwork. If you would like any help at any stage of the process please do not hesitate to contact us on 01892 752277 or email us your query to info@lr2k.co.uk

Print services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

We use both Digital and Litho printing technology to fully meet our customer's needs and provide the most cost effective and timely print solution. Our Litho service allows us to provide large format print at up to 1600mm x 1170mm in perfect register whether printed on one side only or on both sides of the sheet. For shorter runs we use high quality piezo ink jet technology to produce high definition exhibition panels, posters, display graphics or telescopic banners at up to 720 dpi and 1524mm width. We can also mount, encapsulate, laminate or even rope and eyelet your banners to make them easier to hang in iether outdoor or indoor applications.

For a really impressive mailing we can provide 3D promotional printed items such as a 5 sided pyramid fitted with elastic bands which will fit inside an envelope and pop into shape as the emvelope is opened, which canhelp to make you message really stand out. Using high volume digital printing techniques we can merge data with a digital template such as a letter to create personalised documents such as letters, or forms to complete your mailing. You may want to try using our scratch cards to help with your marketing campaign. the scratch cards can be purchased with a predefined rationof winners and you decide what you offer as the prize, a promotional discount or a free service to the lucky recipient, the choice is up to you but we can help with printing the details of your promotion on the reverse of the card which will bring attention to you campaign, and a little fun.

One of our more unusual products is digital embossing. This technique is a fantastic way to add impact to your print and as it is a digital process the print runs can be as short as just one item. The digitasl embossing allows you to indicate an area of a graphic that will be treated with the embossing which adds a texture and gloss to that area of the print, a little like a UV varnish technique but more 3 dimensional and more flexible. For example, if you are sending out an invitation to an important event, we can print personalised invitations and digitslly emboss each invite uniquely for example over the invitees name!

This is just a snapshot of some of the products available through the website or by contacting us directly, of course we offer a number of more standard items such as stationery, leaflets, booklets, newsletters and conference packs. The choice is up to you.

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